Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome in 2015 - first work of the year...

Hello in 2015 ... it was hard start since my little son get to hospital for few first days of 2015... however it is better now... and he just got back to home :)
Back to work... hope you all like my first vehicle in New Year... it is funny... because it is first year started with non German WWII vehicle :D :D


  1. wish a fast recovery to the little one. as for the 1/35 one, i really can't even comprehend how you guys achieve such a modulation in between vertical and horizontal areas.. eyecandy!

  2. Hello it's Panzermeister36!

    Awesome looking Ram! It's from my home country :) You're really good with the streaks and grime and chipping on your vehicles; it looks very realistically weathered. It also looks like you used some highlighting techniques on the higher surfaces of the vehicle, too, and this really brings the work to life in my eyes. It makes it seem as though it's sitting in natural light and has been faded slightly by the sun over time.