Monday, April 21, 2014

Sd.Kfz 4/2 under construction...

Just back to older project of Sd.Kfz 4/2 what exact was armored version of Opel Maultier - in this special vehicle Nebelwerfer 42 rocket launcher was removed, vehicle became ammo carrier. In my opinion very nice lookin' armored truck. 

I used the one and only Italeri kit, but with some exceptions - I removed road wheels, tracks, front wheels and engine and put replacements from Cyber-Hobby Opel Maultier. So now it is cool view with correct tracks. Of course engine will be upgraded with wires and all needed elements, because engine hatch will be in open position - still thinking about appearance on base... also camouflage - I need nice camo for it.
Soon more updates... 

Friday, April 18, 2014

IN-BOX - Adam Wilder's resin 122mm D-11 Howitzer prototype turret for T-34...

My spoil from Moson - Adam Wilder's turret for T-34 

It was 122mm howitzer - prototype turret - drawings from 1943:

That item have really great clear instruction sheet with big photo of Adam's great built T-34/122
Also inside that little square box we can find 19 resin parts and one metal barrel. Elements are casted in light gray resin - very detailed - without any air bubbles. 
In summary - It is great addition to refresh very popular T-34 model to get something uncommon vehicle.

30,5cm SFL Bär... primered with Tamiya spray...

Prepared for painting...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mosonshow 2014 - real SHOW !!! ...

Uff, It was amazing model show... I was lucky to get there, because 24 hours before start I was grounded, but thanks to my best friend Michal - I was there... of course not without troubles... maybe not troubles... it is something amazing if you get into car with driver like my friend, who is driving like mix of Senna/Lauda/Kubica, so it was horror for me... little heart attack on the road.
But ok, he delivered me to Moson in one piece and back home of course too :D

The show:
I back there after 4 years, however I wasn't prepared for that kind of show !
I saw all best modellers on this planet ! I meet a lot of guys, that I only knows before online - that was best thing there - great atmosphere - everyone was happy there, people talked, bought some nice kits on big modelling market.

I was happy to meet Miguel Jimenez with wife Elizabeth again - cheeers !
From Spain I meet Carlos Cuesta too :)
It was great to meet and talk with Roman Volchenkov using very similar mix of languages to polish :)
And Andriej from Ukraine - he talk in polish possibly better than me :D
I meet Adam Wilder too ! Yes he was there too :D

What is most important in "contest things" - really big group modellers from Poland was awarded there ! I was big success of Polish Modelling. However I not received any award this time, but it is great motivation to improve my models quality. I sure that next year will be better for me in this aspect.

At the end I want to thanks everyone who "made" Mosonshow, all visitors, all guests from "far away" and my friends, thanks to them I really "re-charge my modelling batteries", get waste a little bit - and spent really perfect time - I will remember that for last day of my life !!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Armored Draisine "Zeppelin"...

Something new, fresh and really original :
Armored Drasine "Zeppelin" from