Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 summary... best wishes for 2015...

It is time for summary of 2014 year... it was shitty year for my modelling... nothing special. End of year was improved... but whole rest was poor. A lot of things happened. I meet nice people... but I saw how bad and two-faced people are in our modelling world. A lot of adult guys with brains  of     5 y.o. kids... massacre...
Also felt something more that last years - a lot of people are jealous... fucking beasts... a lot of cheaters... waste time to write all about it...
Thanks to that I know where I will stand in 2015... what should to be avoid. 
But some nice projects was made by me in 2014, some skills improves :P

2014 passed... 2015 waiting for new goals and challenges... time to change from sheep to wolf...

I wish you all very good 2015 year with fast hands and good health... 
Przemo Mrozek

Some of my 2014 works:

Friday, December 5, 2014

New online shop with armor products now available !

New e-shop is now active!

You can get products of:

- Blitz Workshop
- Blitz Workshop Tools Division
- BlueSquare Models
- Abteilung'46

Sooo a lot of 1/35 - 1/48 - 1/72 scale resin items and tools !