Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend... Modelling Contest in Cracow...


I've returned from Modelling Contest Cracow 2012. Place for contest was perfect - "Museum of Home Army"/ "Muzeum Armii Krajowej" in Cracow. More informations and photos of that great place you can fine here :

There was 560 kits built by 120 modellers. So that was very nice competition with family atmosphere.
My four kits was awarded, so I'm very happy, because Cracow is my family homeland, so I'm glad about that too :)

Best regards


  1. Congratulations on this deserved victory ...

  2. Hey Przemo congratulations for the awards! I've been following your work for some months now and I think they are well deserved!
    I'm currently working on a early war Polish subject right now: the TKS Tankette with 20mm gun (please take a look on my blog: I already gathered some information about it but would you by any means have some unpublished or rare info about it somewhere in your drawers?
    Thx for helping!


  3. Hello

    Thanks guys. Tish please give me your e-mail address - I will send you what I've got about TKS.


    1. Hey! THX for answering Przemo! Here's my email:

      It's really nice of you to be willing to share your info! It's not so easy here, in Belgium, to find info about the TKS (except what I could find on the net and the book about the 10th Cavalry Brigade from Muschrooms Prod)... it seems like a forgotten subject...

      THX a lot mate!