Thursday, June 12, 2014

Oldschool project - Panzer II Ausf. F - Tamiya '71

Yes, yes I'm still here - I want to present something special - Panzer II Ausf. F from Tamiya, made in 1971, sooo 15 years before my birthday :D And that model is still awesome !


  1. Wow great build with a old timer
    i have made it too but i change the track and the gun

  2. Thanks, I've only changed mg on turret for metal one, rest is from the box.

  3. Hi, congratulations. Just a beautiful Panzer II. I think today many modellers have lost their way and spend a lot to get the best detail possible and realism.I don´t think it is a bad thing, but when a I saw your model, just "waw". Here in spain, that one cost 12 euros. For 12 euros you can create an amazing piece, nice representation of the model!!! least if one have your talent ;) Once again, inspiring model. Regards