Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bytom 2013 festival - THE SHOW !!!

 That was amazing event in Bytom, just back to home with my wife. It was big pleasure to meet Miguel Jimenez & Elisabeth (very beautiful woman !). Look how he works, what he use and everything. Also I get special prize from AK Interactive, "The Weathering" magazine with Mig's sign :D + Euro Cup gold medal and four Bytom contest medals. And my little girl get special prize for youngest modeller in contest by Mirage Hobby !!! And medal from contest and from proud parents... Barbie doll :D :D

Regards for everyone, new friend meet in Bytom:)

And some selection of works made by my friends :


  1. Congrats on all your success and awards! I would love to go to this show one day. I'm also glad to hear you are getting your daughter into the hobby! It's every modeler's duty to 'pass the torch', right? ;)


  2. Hy Przemo! I'm very proud of you and well... CONGRATULATIONS ! Your "Mig Was Here" is absolutely wonderful! :)
    I see modelling is a family business! Lol! Take care! ;)

  3. Many thanks guys :)
    That was great time in Bytom, a lot of beauty models. Yes, my wife was involved :]
    Exact Kyle, this year also "new Mrozek" will be with us :)