Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year starts here :)

The "Old One"...

Hi everyone :) Thanks for lookin' here. Time for a little summary of 2011. A lot of work was made, a lot of kits. A lot of "life was lived". Since bad start of 2011 I was confused and I don't know what to do, but always is hope, the bright light in the end of tunnel. So I've found that light too :) And last months was extremely good, nearly perfect. Nowadays I'm here in motherland - Poland, that is most important now ( after my stupid idea to move to U.K.). Fight day after day for better future for my family, for my wife and little daughter.

Modelling life...

New year, new ideas, a lot of ideas. And new workshop :) Dad help me to build new workshop, place where anyone can find me most of everyday :P This year will be "DORA" year... I hope. Also I want to build my first diorama, first figure ( normal "high quality", not shit like always ), also I will tryin' myself in civil cars and S-F kits. Lot of ideas = lot of work.

Good luck everyone in life: modeller life and of course private ! Thank you again people for so many countries for lookin' here : you're the best !!!

Przemo Mrożek


  1. Hello Przemo, glad to hear that the end of 2011 was better for you than the beginning. hope the best for you and your family; cheers and still looking at your models from here in france.